REALTOR® Safety

  • Never meet a prospective buyer at any property unless you know him or her.
  • Request the buyer to come to your office if possible to qualify him or her.
  • if you are required to pick up you prospect, ask if Spouse or Family will be going.
  • Dress professionally: Do not wear expensive jewelry or carry large sums of money (most assaults are robbery motivated)
  • If there is any Suspicion:
  • 1. have another person accompany you to the showing.
  • 2. Let your office know where you're going and estimated time of your return.
  • 3. When showing, allow prospect to enter first, then proceed in the same manner throughout the house. (this will minimize the possibility of you being pushed into a room and door closed behind you)


     • Use care and caution when sitting in an open house alone.

  1.        Keep door locked, let prospects ring bell to enter.
  2.        Have another person there if possible.
  3.        Let the prospect go through the home alone, you stay at an exit.
  4.        Owners should put valuables away (jewelry, guns, etc.)
  5.           Check in with the office or family every hour.
  6.        Have the owners notify the neighbors to alert police if there is any suspicious activity. 
  •        Danger Signals
  •        Lone person asking to be picked up, and can't come to your office for whatever reason.
  •        Prospect who tells you he/she has a large sum of money to invest.
  •        Prospect who refuses to give personal information, but demands to see a property right NOW.


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