About the Hattiesburg Area Association of REALTORS®

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Hattiesburg Area Association of REALTORS®, Inc. to serve its members with integrity, promote education and provide resources that will enable them to conduct business successfully. HAAR will promote and enforce ethical standards, encourage real property ownership and enhance the positive REALTOR® image by improving the quality of life in the communities it serves.

HAAR Staff

Trudy Bounds
Chief Executive Officer

Charlotte Davis
Membership Coordinator/MLS/Supra

Kevin Davis

2020 Board of Directors

Natalie Wiggins - President
Wesley Breland, REALTOR®
DeShawn Davis - Vice President
The Davis Premier Group, REALTOR®
Josie Gibbons - Treasurer
Realty Executives, REALTOR®
Tracy Key, Secretary
Woodland Realty, REALTOR®
Jane Kingsafer - Past President
RE/MAX Real Estate Partners, REALTOR®
Allison Deus, Director
Century 21 Alliance, REALTOR®
Paula Brahan, Director
Realty Executives, REALTOR®
Chip Grenn, Director
Coldwell Banker, Don Nace Inc., REALTOR®
Lauren Pace-Herrick, Director
RE/MAX Real Estate Partners, REALTOR® 
Sherry Pullens, Director
EXIT Southern Realty, REALTOR®
Robin McCaffrey-Schlautman, Director
Keller Williams CBRMC Holdings, LLC, REALTOR®
Trudy Bounds - CEO
Hattiesburg Area Association of REALTORS®



MLS Committees

Misty Corts (2020) – Chairman
Carroll Moudy (2021) – Vice Chair & Recorder
Allison Deus (2020)
Josie Gibbons (2020)
Jim Cox (2021) 
DeLois Smith (2020) 
Lisa Wells (2021) 

Education/Membership Committee

Julie Robertson - Chairman
Alisa Sewell - Vice-Chairman
Carol Breedlove, Jennifer Davenport, Nathalie Hinkle, Sinnana Jones, Wendy Kulzer, Tracy Key
Carroll Moudy, Kellie Jo Newsom, Debra Pace-Herrick, Sandy Smith, Lisa Wells, Philip Rogers

Grievance Committee - 3 Year Terms

Kadija Taylor (2020) – Chairman
Chrystal Green (2021) Vice- Chairman
Misty Corts (2020), Carroll Moudy (2020), Joe Woullard (2020),
Melissa Key (2020), Ken Broom (2021), Natalie Graham (2022), Debra Pace (2022)

Community Service Committee

Sinnana Jones – Chairman
Kimberly Dudley - Co-Chairman
Melody Barrentine, Carol Breedlove, Lynn Walton, Regan Dartez, Jennifer Devenport, Mitzi Dean, Dakota Delozier,
Kay Dowdy, Bridgett Farris, Lesley Farrell, Sweetie Greer, Lauren Pace-Herrick, Victoria King, Jane Kingsafer,
Wendy Kulzer, Thomas McCaffrey, Debra Pace, Jessica Padgett, Alexis Rutland, Kristi Shorts, Donita Singleterry,
April Smith, Whitney Southwell, Julie Robertson, Day Bookout, Amanda Shows-Smith, Tammy Guyse
Shakita Rodgers, Charles Dawe, Sandy Smith, Philip Rogers, Tyler Ladd

Legislative/Political Affairs

Sherry Polles - Chairman
Dakota Delozier Vice-Chairman
Natalie Graham
Will Harris
Dick Kingsafer
Sherry Pullens
Frank Read

RPAC (REALTOR® Political Action Committee)

Carroll Moudy - Chairman
Dakota Delozier - Co-Chairman
Victoria King
Jane Kingsafer
Brenda O'Neal Lambert
Sherrye Polles
Shammah Beach
Charles Dawe

Public Relations Committee

Brittany Lanehart - Chairman
Laren Pace-Herrick - Co-Chairman
Regan Dartez, Dakota Delozier, Bridget Farris, Kristy Thompson, Jennifer Allen,
Natalie Graham, Gabe Miller, Kristi Shorts, Noah Lambert, Crystal Green

Risk Reduction Committee

DeShawn Davis - Chairman
Carroll Moudy - Vice-Chairman

Strategic Planning Committee (New Plan - 2020)

Julie Burks, Jim Cox, DeShawn Davis, Josie Gibbons, Chrystal Green, Tanya Holland
Scott Holmes, Tracey Key, Jeff Palmer, Jim Stroo, Natalie Wiggins, Dick Kingsafer

Social Functions Committee

Martha Lee & Lori Parkman - Co-Chairs Awards Banquet
Donita Singleterry - Chairman REALTOR® Quarterly Social Functions
Melody Barrentine, Regan Dartez, Jennifer, Delozier, Kay Dowdy, Bridgett Farris, Lesley Ferrell, Sweetie Greer, 
Darcy Hawk, Nathalie Hinkle, Sandra Hutson, Sinnana Jones, Victoria King, Brandy Maples, Natasha Otis, 
Jessica Padgett, Alexis Rutland, Kristi Shorts, April Smith, Sandy Smith, Lauren Pace-Herrick, Shakita Rodgers
Philip Rogers, Tyler Ladd

Christmas Breakfast Committee

Regan Dartez & Lauren Pace-Herrick - Co-Chairmen
Melody Barrentine, Jenny Bennett, Jennifer Davenport, Kay Dowdy, Bridget Farris, Lesley Ferrell, Sweetie Greer,
Darcy Hawk, Nathalie Hinkle, Sinnana Jones, Jane Kingsafer, Kellie Jo Newsome, Jessica Padgett, Alexis Rutland,
Kristi Shorts, Donita Singleterry, April Smith, Sherry Stuart, Shakita Rodgers, Lynn Walton

HAAR Leadership Academy Advisory Board

Jane Kingsafer - Chairman
Trudy Bounds
Misty Corts, DeShawn Davis, Sue Gallaspy, Josie Gibbons
Gabe Miller, Carroll Moudy, Natalie Wiggins, Dick Kingsafer

MLS Task Force

Deshawn Davis - Chairman
Natalie Wiggins
Josie Gibbons
Tracy Key
Scott Holmes
Jim Stroo

Building/MLSTask Force


Deshawn Davis - Chairman
Jim Stroo
Paula Brahan
Tracy Key
Natalie Wiggins
Lara Thrash
Josie Gibbons
Scott Holmes

Data Security Task Force

Carroll Moudy
David Saulters
Jim Stroo
Ken Broom
Lara Thrash
Scott Holmes
Tracy Key

Education Task Force

Tracy Key, Chairman
Gabe Miller
Chrysal Green
Wendy Kulzer
Mallory Mundy